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Available only as a hatchback, the Audi S3 was the more sporty version of the regular Audi A3. The turbocharged 4 cylinder was capable of 165 kW (222 hp) and 280 Nm (206 ft-lb) of torque, marking the first time a small 4 cylinder engine had been used in an Audi S car.

While the S3 was all-wheel drive, it did not use Audis quattro system. Instead the Haldex system from Volkswagens parts bin was implemented. This meant the car was mostly front-wheel drive with the ability to adjust the bias of torque distribution from the front to the rear axle when required.

Car Specs

Engine: 1.8L Inline 4 Turbo
Weight: 1,420 kg / 3,131 lbs
Power: 165 kW / 222 hp / 224 PS
0-100 kph: 6.6 seconds
Torque: 280 Nm / 206 lb-ft
Top Speed: 243 kph / 151 mph


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