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First unveiled back in 2013, the Devel Sixteen hypercar has had a troubled life during it's development with the car essentially just vaporware at the point of writing in 2020. This is a car that went very big on the spec sheet, looked the part, but ultimately failed to come to market. If it does manage to enter production the crazy numbers on the spec sheet will make it one to watch in regards to record breaking speed runs in the future.

At the heart of the beast is a massive 12.3L V16 engine with 4 turbochargers attached. You could think of it as two 6.15L twin turbo V8's strapped together end to end sharing the one crankshaft. Devel is proclaiming some fairly out there numbers being developed from this behemoth, with 5,007 horsepower and 3,757 lb-ft of torque. Top speed is simulated to be at least 310 mph, with Devel claiming 350 mph to be achievable as well. Needless to say, if that ever becomes reality the current top speed production car record will take a battering.

Currently the project is still moving forwards after being put on hold indefinitely in 2018 due to engineering firm Manufattura Automobili Torino quitting from their involvement. The last known issues of the Sixteen was with the V16 engine overheating during low stress normal driving conditions. Certainly a problem that needs fixing is we are ever to see this crazy hypercar strut it's tuff.

Car Specs

Engine: 12.3L V16 Quad Turbo
Weight: -
Power: 3,734 kW / 5,007 hp / 5,076 PS
0-100 kph: -
Torque: 5,094 Nm / 3,757 lb-ft
Top Speed: 499 kph / 310 mph


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