40 years after the Ferrari 308 GTB was unveiled as the first mid-rear-engined V8 model in the companies history comes the new turbocharged Ferrari 488 GTB. Replacing the beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia, the 488 sets new heights with class topping power levels from the new 3.9L twin turbocharged V8. Peak power is rated at 670 PS (492 kW) at 8,000 rpm, with 560 lb-ft (760 Nm) of torque available form 2,000 rpm. This equals a huge increase of 100 PS and 162 lb-ft over the naturally aspirated 4.5L V8 from the 458 Italia.

Performance gains for the Ferrari 488 GTB are significant with the 0-100 kph sprint done and dusted in just 3.0 seconds and 0-200 kph is over in only 8.3 seconds. The lap time at Ferrari's Fiorano test track was clocked at 1 minute 23 seconds, which is 1.9 seconds faster than the Ferrari Enzo and 2.0 seconds faster than the Ferrari 458.

Styling for the new 488 GTB is very similar to the 458, utilising the same body shape and proportions and adding some new elements into the mix. The front end lower air dam is larger and more defined losing the adjustable turning vanes of the 458. At the rear the center mounted triple tailpipe setup of the 458 has changed to a dual pipe configuration set apart either side of the diffuser. Finally the haunches over the rear wheels have large aero vents carved out, directing air towards the engine intakes and cooling ducts.

Car Specs

Engine: 3.9L V8 Twin Turbo
Weight: 1,370 kg / 3,020 lbs
Power: 492 kW / 660 hp / 670 PS
0-100 kph: 3.0 seconds
Torque: 760 Nm / 560 lb-ft
Top Speed: 330 kph / 205 mph


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