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In 1972 Ford introduced the third generation of the Torino. After a short second generation of only two years, the new Torino featured a design very similar to the previous version. The long hood and short neck look was kept, as well as the coke bottle styling. The Torino line-up was revamped with the new Gran Torino & Gran Torino Sport sitting above the base model Torino.

The new Torino was a sales success for Ford with production totalling 496,645 units, and for the first time ever, Ford outsold the Chevrolet Chevelle since its 1964 introduction.

Car Specs

Engine: 5.8L V8
Weight: 1,768 kg / 3,898 lbs
Power: 185 kW / 248 hp / 252 PS
0-60 mph: 7.2 seconds
Torque: 405 Nm / 299 lb-ft
Top Speed: 206 kph / 128 mph


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