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The Lamborghini Islero was essentially a rebody of the 400GT, but the track was altered to allow for wider tires and while the Islero's body suffered from a lack of proper fit between the panels, its good outward visibility, roomier interior, and much improved soundproofing made it an improvement over previous models. It had a 325 PS 3,929 cc V12 engine, a five-speed transmission, fully independent suspension, and disc brakes.

Source: Wikipedia (original)

Car Specs

Engine: 3.9L V12
Weight: 1,240 kg / 2,733 lbs
Power: 238 kW / 320 hp / 325 PS
0-100 kph: 6.2 seconds
Torque: 375 Nm / 276 lb-ft
Top Speed: 265 kph / 164 mph


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Lamborghini Islero Wallpaper Image.

Lamborghini Islero Wallpaper