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The Batmobile has seen many iterations over the years with each new movie or television series offering a different take on the famous automobile. The 1966 version was based off a one-off Lincoln Futura concept car and starred in the Batman live action television series from 1966 to 1968, over the course of 3 season and 120 episodes.

During 1965 Dean Jeffries was contracted to design and build the Batmobile for the upcoming Batman TV show. Jeffries started with a 1959 Cadillac but was forced to pull out of the deal when he couldn't make the January 1966 deadline. The project was then given to George Barris, who rather than build the car from scratch chose to use the Futura concept car from 1955 instead, a car that was only ever produced as a single unit. Barris bought the car from Ford years earlier and decided the very tight deadline was only possible with a working car ready to go. Herb Grasse was brought on as an associate designer, and Bill Cushenbery came on to do the metal modifications to the car. The new Batmobile was completed in just 3 weeks.

Batman is known for his gadgets and the Batmobile had no shortage of useful abilities. These included a nose-mounted aluminum Cable Cutter Blade, Bat Ray Projector, Anti-Theft Device, Detect-a-scope, Batscope, Bat Eye Switch, Antenna Activator, Police Band Cut-In Switch, Automatic Tire Inflation Device and Remote Batcomputer. Also included were the Batphone, Emergency Bat Turn Lever, Anti-Fire Activator, Bat Smoke, Bat Photoscope, and many other Bat gadgets. The car was also capable to performing a 180° "bat-turn" with the use of two rear-mounted ten-foot Deist parachutes.

Car Specs

Engine: 6.4L V8
Weight: 2,041 kg / 4,500 lbs
Power: 246 kW / 330 hp / 335 PS
0-100 kph: -
Torque: -
Top Speed: -


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