Ancient legends tell of Aymara Huayra Tata, god of wind, which controls the breezes, the winds and hurricanes that affect the mountains, ravines and slopes of the Andean cordillera. It is said that Tata Huayra living in the hills and valleys left them just to show his strength to his wife, Pachamama, the goddess of Mother Earth.

With its power, the god of the wind Huayra Tata may raise the waters of Lake Titicaca and turn them into rain that pours on the fertile Pachamama. Tata Huayra When resting, the waters are calm and the rivers. But the calm before the storm is about to be discontinued ..

Source: Pagani Press Release

Car Specs

Engine: 6.0L V12 Twin Turbo
Weight: 1,440 kg / 3,175 lbs
Power: 537 kW / 720 hp / 730 PS
0-100 kph: 3.3 seconds
Torque: 1,000 Nm / 738 lb-ft
Top Speed: 374 kph / 232 mph


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