Pininfarina have teamed up with Chinese company Hybrid Kinetic Group to produce an electric 2+2 GT hybrid that uses an all new microturbine unit as a range extender. This turbine can run on conventional petrol, hydrogen or renewable fuels and produce around 60 percent lower emissions than the current EU6 regulations. Each wheel has an electric motor making it turn, all connected to a 20kWh battery pack and a 2-speed transmission. The HK GT concept is capable of just over 60 miles on full electric only, and over 600 miles when using the range extending microturbine unit.

With each wheel enjoying its own electric motor, the car can make use of dynamic torque vectoring, making it easy to alter the amount of torque sent to each wheel on the fly. An aluminium structure is employed to help keep weight down to 1,860 kg, with the weight distribution a very good 52/48 front to rear. Two driving modes are available called ‘Cruise’ and ‘Race’, with each changing the tune of the steering, suspension and powertrain. Perhaps the most striking element of the new HK GT Concept by Pininfarina are the gull wing doors that open upwards in a hard to miss fashion, reminiscent of many supercars over the years.

Car Specs

Motor: 4x Electric + Turbine
Weight: 1,860 kg / 4,100 lbs
Power: 596+ kW / 800+ hp
0-100 kph: 2.9 seconds
Torque: -
Top Speed: 250 kph / 155 mph


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