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1967 Toyota 2000GT wallpaper thumbnail.

1967 Toyota 2000GT


The Toyota 2000GT is a limited-production, front-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-seat, hardtop coupé grand tourer.

1981 Toyota Celica Coupe wallpaper thumbnail.

1981 Toyota Celica Coupe


August 1981 saw the introduction of the third-generation Celica.

1982 Toyota Celica Liftback wallpaper thumbnail.

1982 Toyota Celica Liftback


Initially available in notchback coupe and liftback form, many buyers preferred the liftback.

1983 Toyota Corolla Levin wallpaper thumbnail.

1983 Toyota Corolla Levin


The AE86 generation of the Toyota Corolla Levin and Toyota Sprinter Trueno is a small, lightweight coupe or hatchback.

1983 Toyota Sprinter Trueno wallpaper thumbnail.

1983 Toyota Sprinter Trueno


Both the Levin and Trueno variants were offered with either a 2-door coupe or 3-door liftback.

1984 Toyota Celica Supra wallpaper thumbnail.

1984 Toyota Celica Supra


Toyota completely redesigned the Celica Supra as well as the entire Celica lineup for its 1982 production year.

1985 Toyota MR2 wallpaper thumbnail.

1985 Toyota MR2


Went on to win the 1984 Japan Car of the Year award for that year.

1986 Toyota Celica wallpaper thumbnail.

1986 Toyota Celica


The Celica was no longer built on the Toyota A platform, and instead realigned with the Toyota T platform.

1987 Toyota Supra wallpaper thumbnail.

1987 Toyota Supra


In May 1986, Toyota was ready to release its next version of the Supra and the bonds between the Celica and the Supra were cut.

1988 Toyota MR2 SC wallpaper thumbnail.

1988 Toyota MR2 SC


Based on the same block and head, the 4A-GZE was equipped with a small Roots-type supercharger and a Denso intercooler.

1989 Toyota Supra Turbo wallpaper thumbnail.

1989 Toyota Supra Turbo


The new A70 Supra engine, the Toyota 7M-GE, was the flagship engine of Toyota’s arsenal.

1990 Toyota Sera wallpaper thumbnail.

1990 Toyota Sera


A 3-door 2+2 hatchback coupe, the Toyota Sera is well known for it’s majority glass roof canopy and butterfly doors.

1991 Toyota Soarer wallpaper thumbnail.

1991 Toyota Soarer


The Z30 series Soarer shared the body and key components with the Lexus SC, with different interior features, configurations, and performance.

1993 Toyota MR2 wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Toyota MR2


The new MR2 was larger, weighed 350 to 400 pounds more than its predecessor and received more rounded, streamlined styling.

1993 Toyota Supra wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Toyota Supra


Incorporating speed, style, quality, dependability and Toyota’s legendary reliability.

1993 Toyota TS010 wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Toyota TS010


Due to rule changes in the World Sportscar Championship for 1992, Toyota was forced to replace their previous series of Group C sportscars.

1994 Toyota Celica wallpaper thumbnail.

1994 Toyota Celica


In October 1993, Toyota launched the sixth-generation Celica for the 1994 model year.

1996 Toyota Celica GT wallpaper thumbnail.

1996 Toyota Celica GT


The 1996 Celica for export market received the same front restyling as the Japanese models, although the tail lights were untouched.

1997 Toyota Supra wallpaper thumbnail.

1997 Toyota Supra


Supra is powered by a high-performance, twin-cam, in-line six-cylinder, 24-valve, electronically fuel-injected engine.

1998 Toyota GT-One wallpaper thumbnail.

1998 Toyota GT-One


Introduced in time for Le Mans in 1998, the GT-One first appeared at the official testing days for the race held in May.

1999 Toyota MR2 Roadster wallpaper thumbnail.

1999 Toyota MR2 Roadster


The third-generation MR2 was marketed as the Toyota MR-S in Japan, Toyota MR2 Spyder in the US, and the Toyota MR2 Roadster in Europe.

2000 Toyota Celica wallpaper thumbnail.

2000 Toyota Celica


In late 1999, Toyota began production and sales of the seventh-generation Celica.

2001 Toyota Supra ‘The Fast and the Furious’ wallpaper thumbnail.

2001 Toyota Supra ‘The Fast and the Furious’


Due to it’s key role in the first Fast and the Furious movie, the Toyota Supra shot up the lists of many teenagers most desired cars.

2002 Toyota MR2 Roadster wallpaper thumbnail.

2002 Toyota MR2 Roadster


The only engine available for the ZZW30 was the all-aluminium 1ZZ-FED, a 1794 cc inline-four.

2004 Toyota Celica GT-S wallpaper thumbnail.

2004 Toyota Celica GT-S


The Toyota Celica GT-S was powered by the 2ZZ-GE engine rated at 180 hp and 133 lb-ft torque.

2007 Toyota 2000 SR Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2007 Toyota 2000 SR Concept


The Toyota 2000 SR concept is a tribute to the mythic Toyota 2000 GT, considered the first ’Japanese Supercar’.

2007 Toyota TRD Aurion wallpaper thumbnail.

2007 Toyota TRD Aurion


Toyota Australia has injected 241 kW of style, passion and performance into its range.

2009 Toyota TF109 wallpaper thumbnail.

2009 Toyota TF109


The team’s eighth season in Formula 1 sees major rule changes so the TF109, looking considerably different to its predecessor.

2010 Toyota FT-86 Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2010 Toyota FT-86 Concept


Celica, MR2, Supra, Corolla AE86: Toyota’s great driver-focused sports cars of the past have inspired its vision for a future-generation.