With an output of over 300 HP for total weight of 1,225 kilos, 200 km/hr, and 0 to 100 in less than 4 secs, the FÉTISH has become a "muscle car", armed and ready for battle : above all, it is more than ever before the world's sportiest and most highly perfected example of an electric car.

With over 300 hp (+220 kW) and torque of 380 Nm, the VM300 is the most advanced electric motor ever designed for a car. To get the very best out of such a motor, a new 54 kWh battery pack has been developed (LIV-10 Lithium Ion Polymer batteries) whose electronics (Battery Management System) have been entrusted to VENTEC, the leader in the field. FÉTISH offers a real range of up to 340 km. Thanks to its on-board charger, it can recharge using a regular electrical socket or fast charge terminals (see Specs).

The first chassis specifically designed to house a large volume of batteries, the carbon monocoque developed by Venturi provides an exceptional protection cell for its occupants ; it is completed by two deformable cells positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle. This concept guarantees the security of the battery in the event of an accident and provides a level of safety never before achieved in an electric vehicle.

Source: Gordon Bruce Associates Ltd Press Release

Car Specs

Motor: Electric @ 54 kWh
Weight: 1,225 kg / 2,700 lbs
Power: 220 kW / 295 hp / 300 PS
0-100 kph: 3.9 seconds
Torque: 380 Nm / 280 lb-ft
Top Speed: -

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