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2016 Ferrari 488 GTB Review

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Chris Harris - We didn't have long with the car, but we bagged a film. The new 488 is a very interesting machine. And very fast. Watch and enjoy.

EVO - Can Ferrari's new 488 GTB match the brilliant F40 and stunning 458 Speciale? Jethro Bovingdon drives all three to discover if Ferrari has created another masterpiece.

Motor Trend - On this episode of Ignition presented by Tire Rack, Angus MacKenzie heads to Italy to drive Ferrari's newest mid-engine supercar, the 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB. The 488 GTB is the first turbocharged mid-engine Ferrari since the legendary F40, and the successor to Motor Trend's 2011 Best Driver's Car winner, the 458 Italia. So it has some big shoes to fill. With 660-horsepower, the Ferrari 488 GTB promises plenty of performance. But can it top the thrilling handling and spine-tingling soundtrack that made the 458 Italia one of the all-time great Ferraris? Stay tuned to find out.

Autocar - Matt Prior drives the 660bhp Ferrari 488 GTB both at the firm's Fiorano test track and on the road - is this a worthy successor to the 458?

Sunday Times Driving - The new £184,000 Ferrari 488 GTB is a clever and ruggedly handsome beast. And that could be annoying for James May, who has just ordered its £208,000 predecessor, a 458 Speciale.

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