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2018 McLaren 720S Review

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Drivetribe - The 12C was didn't quite cut it when compared against the Ferrari 458, but with the P1 hypercar, the track-focused 675LT, and the 911-rivalling 570S, McLaren hit peak form. Can its latest supercar, the 710bhp 720S, match those highs? DRIVETRIBE's Features Editor Henry Catchpole finds out in the stunning Gran Sasso in Italy.

Autocar - This is the new McLaren 720 S, McLaren's Super Series sports car, which replaces the 650 S and will go head-to-head with the Ferrari 488 GTB.

Doug DeMuro - The McLaren 720S is the latest exotic supercar -- and it comes with a huge price tag, of $300,000 or more. Today I'm reviewing a McLaren 720S to show you why the 720S is worth so much.

Auto Express - In isolation, the McLaren 720S is an exceptional achievement, but as a replacement for the already-excellent 650S it is nothing short of extraordinary – yet another amazing leap for a brand that seems to have come a very long way in a relatively short space of time. - The supercar that resets your perception of speed.

Roadshow - You had questions about the 2019 McLaren 720S, so we answered some. We regret that very much. Yes, it has cupholders, but is the McLaren 720S too much supercar for the road?

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