2001 Citroen Xsara WRC

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The Xsara World Rally Car, based on the road-going Xsara hatchback but ultimately having very little resemblance to it under the skin, was one of the most successful cars ever to compete in the World Rally Championship. In 1999, the WRCs predecessor, the two-wheel-drive naturally aspirated Xsara Kit Car, won overall in Rallye Catalunya and Tour de Course. This car was considered the best car in the class. The late Philippe Bugalski placed seventh overall and won the Kit Car F2 class. In 2001, Kit Cars category disappeared and was replaced by Super 1600 and Super 2000. Citroen Xsara competed in the category of World Rally Car. In 2002, French driver Sébastien Loeb was supposed to win the Monte Carlo Rally but he was penalized for an illegal tyre change, but he later won the Deutschland Rally. In 2003, the Citroën Xsara was more competitive. In Wales GB, the leader Richard Burns suffered a blackout and withdrew from the rally. Sébastien Loeb made some mistakes on the last round and unfortunately he lost the championship by just one point. However, the Citroën won the manufacturers’ title and in 2004 Sébastien loeb won the championship. The car took Sébastien Loeb to 28 rally wins, three consecutive Driver’s Championship titles from 2004 to 2006, and Citroën to three consecutive Manufacturer’s Championship titles in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Although it is the Frenchman who has proved the archetype Xsara WRC pilot virtually since its 2001 conception, Jesús Puras, Carlos Sainz and François Duval are the other drivers who have won.

Source: Wikipedia (original)

Car Specs

  • Engine: 2.0L Inline 4 Turbo
  • Weight: 1,230 kg / 2,712 lbs
  • Power: 231 kW / 310 hp / 314 PS
  • 0-100 kph: 4.2 seconds
  • Torque: 570 Nm / 420 lb-ft
  • Top Speed: