2009 Honda S2000 CR

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The club racer-inspired 2008 Honda S2000 CR Prototype introduces a higher level of track-worthy performance and style to the S2000 roadster. The S2000 CR will be available as an entirely new S2000 trim level when it goes on sale in the fall of 2007. The lighter, stiffer and more aggressive overall design is engineered to maximize the S2000’s potential on a racetrack with the goal of substantially-improving track times, chassis balance and feel. The factory-tuned roadster provides highly-aggressive suspension settings, increased body and chassis rigidity, overall weight reduction and an aerodynamic body kit dialed-in for reduced lift. An aluminum hardtop replaces the convertible soft top as standard equipment.

Source: Honda Press Release

Car Specs

  • Engine: 2.2L Inline 4
  • Weight: 1,254 kg / 2,765 lbs
  • Power: 177 kW / 237 hp / 241 PS
  • 0-100 kph: 6.4 seconds
  • Torque: 220 Nm / 162 lb-ft
  • Top Speed: 246 kph / 153 mph