2019 Novitec Ferrari 812 Superfast N-Largo

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If you were looking for a widebody Ferrari 812 Superfast, then Novitec have you covered with their N-Largo package now available for Ferrari’s V12 powered supercar. The new fender flares mounted onto the existing body panels have increased the 812’s width by 7cm (2.8in) at the front and 14cm (5.5in) at the rear. The bodykit is made purely from light weight carbon fiber and coated in either high-gloss or matte finishes.

Just like the tuned 812 Superfast Novitec launched at the start of 2019, the N-Largo sits 40mm lower to the ground and features a hydraulic lift system to raise the front end. The magnificent 6.5L Ferrari V12 engine is getting some attention as well, with Novitec expecting a power increase of around 40 horsepower and 33 Nm of torque. Modest gains, but the 812 was hardly lacking for power in the first place. Acceleration should see a slight improvement with 0-62 mph done 0.1 seconds quicker and the top speed should be a little bit higher as well.

Car Specs

  • Engine: 6.5L V12
  • Weight:
  • Power: 618 kW / 829 hp / 840 PS
  • 0-100 kph: 2.8 seconds
  • Torque: 751 Nm / 554 lb-ft
  • Top Speed: 345 kph / 214 mph