You have the questions and we have the answers, well hopefully! Why no wallpapers of motorbikes, clowns and hot babes? Find out here.


Why don’t you have ‘insert your favorite car’ on the website?

WSupercars is primarily a car site that focuses on performance cars. Whilst this is not exclusive, generally supercars, hyper cars, muscle cars, sports cars, concepts and exotics are the main types we feature. There are always exceptions, so cars that are of interest to car enthusiasts will usually find their way onto this site.

What about performance cars that aren’t on the site?

If a car meets the criteria above, the next reason for its omission will likely come about due to lack of photos. WSupercars can’t just take any pictures from Google and make them into wallpapers. Finding photos of certain cars (especially older vehicles) that we are allowed to use can be hard. Another aspect is the resolution and quality of the photos available. Some older cars will only have low resolution or bad quality photos available, and whilst we do make use of AI upscaling and some photo retouching techniques, it is not always enough to meet our minimum wallpaper standards.

Where are the motorbikes, clowns and hot babes!

WSupercars focuses entirely on cars at this point in time. Rest assured we will not be providing wallpapers of anything that is not mechanical. Sorry to all those clown fans out there! As for motorbikes, well that remains a possibility in the future, but at this stage our knowledge of the subject is a little lacking.


What are your minimum wallpapers standards?

Every wallpaper must be at least 1920 x 1080px (1080p) in resolution or preferably 3840 x 2160px (4K), the higher the better. Wallpapers must also be clear enough to recognize the car and generally be in focus.

Why do you not provide ultrawide and phone versions of every wallpaper?

The suitability of each wallpaper to work in either ultrawide or phone aspect ratios depends on the space around the car in the photo. For the ultrawide ratio of 21:9, the photo needs enough space around the sides of the car so that the car will not get chopped off at the top or bottom of the frame. For phone wallpapers very few photos are provided in a portrait orientation so we have to get a little creative. This means adding in extra information to the top and bottom since we don’t want the car getting cropped out on the sides of the frame. Photos with a background that can be extended (like the sky, or gradient and solid colours) are good candidates, whilst others may have a tree or building that has the top cropped can be tricky as there is no view of what’s above them and re-creating that can be very time consuming.

Why do you only offer a few different resolution choices?

The choice was made to target the main aspect ratios that devices use and cover the most common resolutions in those ratios. This is to keep the wallpaper download interface as simple as possible and to avoid bombarding the user with dozens of options. It also reduces the disk space required to store the wallpapers on our server. More resolution options may be made available on the future.

Will you ever have wallpapers higher resolution than 4K?

Whilst there are screens capable of higher resolution than 4K currently available, we feel this remains in the minority with very few in use. This will likely change in the future and WSupercars will then look to offer higher resolution wallpapers (perhaps 8K?). For now, if you have a 5K screen, using a 4K wallpaper will still scale up very well and look quite nice.


Can I use your wallpapers in my blog/app/magazine/website/place of business?

The wallpapers hosted on WSupercars feature photography copyrighted by their respective owners and are for personal use only. If you intend any commercial use or would profit from their use, you may be violating that copyright. Since WSupercars does not own any of these photos, we cannot grant permission or sell usage rights to you.