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McLaren has it’s roots deeply imbedded in motor racing with Formula 1 driver Bruce McLaren Founding the company as Bruce McLaren Motor Racing in 1963. They would create race cars for Formula 1, Can-Am and Sports Cars, enjoying early success until Bruce passed away in a car accident in 1970.

1980 saw the company merge with the Project 4 Racing team which was owned by Ron Dennis. The resulting era was wildly successful for McLaren, pioneering the use of carbon fibre in Formula 1 and achieving multiple world championships.

McLaren’s first road car would come in the form of the legendary F1, a supercar designed Gordon Murray that would hold the record for fastest road car for many years. Their next foray into producing road cars came through a collaboration with Mercedes-Benz with the SLR supercar. It wasn’t until 2010 when McLaren Automotive was launched as a stand-alone car manufacturer that McLaren would truly enter the world of supercar maker.