2020 Sony VISION-S

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Electronics giant Sony, the makers of the Playstation have built a car. The VISION-S has been developed as a showcase for the companies sensors and infotainment capabilities. With todays cars including more sophisticated driver assists and infotainment systems, many electronics suppliers fight to get their parts in the big brand cars. Sony is no exception, and they have tried to elevate their position by building the VISION-S concept car.

The technology on show include CMOS camera imaging which can help locate surrounding objects and guide the car on the road. Solid state lidar and radar are used for autonomous driving scenarios, and the interior features a time-of-flight sensor for monitoring occupants. The inside also sports a huge wide display that spans the width of the cabin in a similar style to the Honda E. This provides all the cars instrumentation and infotainment functions and controls the high-end sound system that can create a surround sound experience for every passenger.

The VISION-S is set to be limited to showcase duties only, and will not be making it's way into showrooms unless Sony decides they actually want to become a car manufacturer.

Car Specs

  • Motor: Electric
  • Weight: -
  • Power: -
  • 0-60 mph: 4.8 seconds
  • Torque: -
  • Top Speed: 240 kph / 149 mph