2017 Frankfurt Motor Show


Mercedes-AMG stunned with their Formula 1 car for the road Project ONE Concept and Kia showed off a good-looking future with the Proceed Concept. Honda, Mini, Audi, BMW and Mercedes all took a stab at the future of their electric vehicle & autonomous line-ups with very different styles and methods. Lamborghini’s Aventador S has been converted to an open top roadster, and Audi gave the V10 R8 and rear drive only version. The big guns came in firing with a brand new Ferrari called the Portofino, new BMW M5, Bentley Continental & Audi RS4.

Car List

2017 Audi Aicon Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2017 Audi Aicon Concept


Audi have a big car with big wheels, to show their autonomous Aicon Concept, it’s fully electric and it’s huge.

2017 BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2017 BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept


A four-door Electric Gran Coupe with a range of 373 miles, acceleration of 0-62 mph in four seconds and a top speed of over 120 mph.

2017 BMW Z4 Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2017 BMW Z4 Concept


Shown off at the 2017 Concours d’Elegance, BMW’s new Z4 concept car offers a look ahead to the series-production version set to be unveiled during 2018.

2017 Honda Urban EV Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2017 Honda Urban EV Concept


Honda have revealed a retro inspired design for their new electric concept car that will set the tone for their future electric production models.

2017 Infiniti Prototype 9 Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2017 Infiniti Prototype 9 Concept


Infiniti have unveiled a reimagining of a 1940s race car called Prototype 9 at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

2017 Kia Proceed Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2017 Kia Proceed Concept


Launched at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Proceed concept provides a look into what the next-generation Kia cee’d could be.

2017 Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2017 Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Concept


Mercedes is bringing its Formula 1 engine technology to its new hyper car, the very fast Project ONE.

2017 Mercedes-Benz EQA Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2017 Mercedes-Benz EQA Concept


Mercedes is set to enter the world of electric cars with their EQ branding, launching 10 cars by 2022 in this sub-brand.

2017 Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2017 Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet Concept


Pebble Beach has been graced with another “automotive haute couture” of hand-finished, exclusive cabriolets, the Mercedes Vision Maybach 6 Cabriolet.

2017 Mini Electric Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2017 Mini Electric Concept


Set to go electric in 2019, Mini have given a glimpse into that future with their Electric Concept car.

2017 Mini John Cooper Works GP Concept wallpaper thumbnail.

2017 Mini John Cooper Works GP Concept


Inspired by Minis triumphs in the Monte Carlo Rally 50 years ago, the John Cooper Works GP concept car embodies undiluted dynamic flair and driving fun on the race track and the road.

2018 Audi R8 V10 RWS wallpaper thumbnail.

2018 Audi R8 V10 RWS


Audi is now offering a new V10 R8 model with rear wheel drive, instead of the usual all-wheel drive, further diversifying the brands line-up.

2018 Audi RS4 Avant wallpaper thumbnail.

2018 Audi RS4 Avant


New Audi RS4 drops the V8 and returns to turbocharged power, delivering 170 Nm of torque more than the previous generation.

2018 Bentley Continental GT wallpaper thumbnail.

2018 Bentley Continental GT


The new Continental GT is Bentleys definitive 12 cylinder Grand Tourer.

2018 BMW i3s wallpaper thumbnail.

2018 BMW i3s


A refresh for the BMW i3, now with sportier looking ‘s’ model and bigger battery pack for more miles per charge.

2018 BMW M5 wallpaper thumbnail.

2018 BMW M5


The all new sixth generation BMW M5 will sport an all-wheel drive system for the first time since its inception in 1984 with the E24 M5.

2018 BMW M8 GTE wallpaper thumbnail.

2018 BMW M8 GTE


Before the production model is ready, BMW are going racing with the new 8-Series in the World Endurance Championship GTE class.

2018 Ferrari Portofino wallpaper thumbnail.

2018 Ferrari Portofino


Move over California, Ferrari is now sporting the Portofino name for its new V8 GT car.

2018 Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy wallpaper thumbnail.

2018 Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy


Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division are set to race the I-Pace in the eTrophy Formula E support series next year.

2018 Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster wallpaper thumbnail.

2018 Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster


Open air driving has now come to the Lamborghini Aventador S, with the Roadster model debuting at the 2017 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show.

2018 Maserati Ghibli GranLusso wallpaper thumbnail.

2018 Maserati Ghibli GranLusso


Making its debut at the Chengdu Motorshow in China, the baby Maserati has been given a visual refresh as the new Ghibli GranLusso.

2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package wallpaper thumbnail.

2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package


The new Touring Package for the Porsche 911 GT3 gives buyers a six-speed manual transmission with no fixed rear wing and subdued styling all round.

2018 Renault Megane RS wallpaper thumbnail.

2018 Renault Megane RS


The all new Renault Megane RS has arrived complete with an all new 280 hp turbocharged engine and four-wheel steering.