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Last Updated: December 2018

WSupercars presents the top 10 most popular cars of all time, or in other words, since the site started back in 2011. The list is formulated using raw viewing stats, so the car that has the highest amount of views gets the number one position. It's that simple.

Since it's reveal in March 2017, the Honda Civic Type R has proven to be of great interest to the general public, sitting in first place on our popularity list with a comfortable margin. Next up is Bugatti Divo, which in it's short life has certainly struck a chord with fans. In third place is a car that promises an exciting future, the 2020 Tesla Roadster. Riding on the back of one of the hottest car brands in 2018, the new Roadster has a lot to live up to when it finally launches. The surprise of the bunch is the Ferrari SF71H Formula 1 race car, a car which has enjoyed strong numbers throughout 2018 & 2019.