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Audi have launched their first high performance EV in the form of the e-tron S. The extra performance has been gained with the introduction of a third electric motor, which moves the bigger of the three onto the front axle and and smaller two on the rear. The e-tron's weight should be increased some what as the extra electric motor will tip the scales in the wrong direction. Already a heavy SUV, which comes with the same large 95 kWh battery pack, the e-tron S certainly doesn't show any effects on the spec sheet.

Acceleration has improved by a fair amount, with the 0-62 mph sprint now completed in just 4.5 seconds, coming down from the regular e-tron's 5.7 seconds. This is thanks to not only more power, which is up 95 PS tp 503 PS (370 kW), but a lot more torque. That peak torque figure has raised from 487 lb-ft to 717 lb-ft, providing plenty of push to move all that weight. Top speed has also gone up slightly, from 124 mph to a new high of 130 mph.

As with all Audi S cars, the visual changing have made the e-tron look a little more sporty and aggressive, with bigger wheels, bigger vent openings and more pronounced styling. Whilst the regular e-tron looked like any run of the mill SUV, the S version, especially the Sportback variant hints at being a much more serious performer.

Car Specs

Motor: 3x Electric @ 95 kWh
Weight: -
Power: 370 kW / 496 hp / 503 PS
0-100 kph: 4.5 seconds
Torque: 973 Nm / 717 lb-ft
Top Speed: 210 kph / 130 mph


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