2019 Audi E-Tron

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Audi has entered the electric car market with their first challenger the new Audi E-Tron, set to go head to head with the Tesla Model X, Jaguar I-Pace and Mercedes-Benz EQC. With rather sedate styling, the Audi E-Tron looks like any other Audi SUV on the road, a deliberate effort by the manufacturer to make sure their new electric models seamlessly fit in with the entire line-up.

The E-Tron uses 2 electric motors at both ends of the car with each driving their respective axle. The system is rear-wheel drive biased with the front motor engaged to improve traction, agility and performance when needed. The combined power output is 408 PS (300 kW) with 487 lb-ft (660 Nm) of torque which can be delivered in just 250 milliseconds from stand still. This is all fed by a fairly large 95 kWh battery pack, which weighs around 700 kilograms on it’s own and is positioned in the floor of the car. Fast charging at 150 kW will see the battery gain 80 percent of capacity in just 30 minutes of charging time.

The range of the Audi E-Tron as rated by the NEDC comes in at 248.5 miles, which places the Audi well below all it’s rivals in 2018. For comparison, the NEDC rates the Model X at 258 miles, Jaguar I-Pace at 298 miles and the Mercedes-Benz EQC at 279 miles.

Car Specs

  • Motor: 2x Electric @ 95 kWh
  • Weight: 2,565 kg / 5,655 lbs
  • Power: 300 kW / 402 hp / 408 PS
  • 0-100 kph: 5.7 seconds
  • Torque: 660 Nm / 487 lb-ft
  • Top Speed: 200 kph / 124 mph