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Porsche have done a back flip and returned to the glorious 4.0L Flat 6 engine for the 2020 Boxster GTS. Using a detuned version of the 6 cylinder engine found in the Cayman GT4 and Boxster Spyder, Porsche have decided the 2.5L Inline 4 turbo engines weren't up to scratch for their GTS spec 718 line-up. This was a move many saw coming since the engines inclusion in the GT4 and Spyder. Due to the cost of developing the flat 6 it made sense for Porsche to widen it's offering to re-coup the investment.

Peak power has been rated at 400 PS (294 kW), with 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) of torque. At the time of launch only a 6-speed manual transmission will be offered maintaining the companies direction of aiming these cars more towards the purists. As is usual with GTS models, a lot of Porsche's extra goodies come as standard equipment. The ride height has been dropped by 20mm, the wheels are large 20-inch units and Porsche’s sport chassis and active dampers are also part of the mix. Torque vectoring and a mechanical limited-slip diff are welcome additions, with smoked lights and bespoke bumpers finishing off the special touches.

Car Specs

Engine: 4.0L Flat 6
Weight: 1,480 kg / 3,263 lbs
Power: 294 kW / 394 hp / 400 PS
0-100 kph: 4.5 seconds
Torque: 400 Nm / 295 lb-ft
Top Speed: 293 kph / 182 mph


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