2004 Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept

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The Shelby GR-1 concept establishes itself as one of the most contemporary and dramatic front-engine, two-seat, fastback supercars. This running prototype impresses with a 605-horsepower, 390-cubic-inch all-aluminum V-10 engine, a road-tested version of the Ford GT suspension and a stunning new polished-aluminum body.

GR-1 combines modern sculptured surfaces and a muscular fastback design into a car that could succeed the Ford GT once its production cycle concludes. All of the sophisticated mechanicals of this extraordinary coupe are wrapped in a sleek, muscular aluminum skin left bare and polished bright. The result is a forward-looking supercar with attention-grabbing Ford presence and Carroll Shelby inspiration.

Much like the original Ford GT and last year’s Shelby Cobra concept vehicles, the Shelby GR-1 was intended to be a fully engineered, production-feasible roadgoing, drivable project vehicle. Phil Martens, group vice president of product creation coomented: ”Our goal this time around was not to create the ultimate top-speed, high-performance sports car. Really, we intended to strike a better balance of design, capability and usability that might appeal to someone considering a Ferrari 575M Maranello.”

Source: Ford Press Release

Car Specs

  • Engine: 6.4L V10
  • Weight: 1,769 kg / 3,900 lbs
  • Power: 451 kW / 605 hp / 613 PS
  • 0-100 kph:
  • Torque: 679 Nm / 500 lb-ft
  • Top Speed: