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1993 Suzuki Cappuccino wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Suzuki Cappuccino


Suzuki’s Cappuccino was one of the few Kei cars to be sold outside Japan, with sales in the UK and Europe.

1993 Vector WX3 wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Vector WX3


The Vector WX3 was essentially the dream car of Vector founder Gerald Wiegert.

1993 Ford Escort RS Cosworth wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Ford Escort RS Cosworth


Affectionately known as a ‘Cossie’, the Ford Escort RS Cosworth was developed as a homologation special to qualify as a Group A car for the World Rally Championship.

1993 Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG


The C36 was an official collaboration between Mercedes and AMG, which saw the 6 cylinder engine sent for some major surgery.

1993 Renault Clio Williams wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Renault Clio Williams


In 1993, Renault launched the Clio Williams as a limited edition of 3,800 cars.

1993 Ferrari 348 Spider wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Ferrari 348 Spider


The 348’s styling differed from previous models with straked side air intakes and rectangular taillights resembling the Testarossa.

1993 Aston Martin V8 Vantage wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Aston Martin V8 Vantage


Aston Martin V8 Vantage, launched at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1992, was the second model to be given this name in its own right.

1993 Toyota MR2 wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Toyota MR2


The new MR2 was larger, weighed 350 to 400 pounds more than its predecessor and received more rounded, streamlined styling.

1993 Toyota TS010 wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Toyota TS010


Due to rule changes in the World Sportscar Championship for 1992, Toyota was forced to replace their previous series of Group C sportscars.

1993 Ferrari 333 SP wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Ferrari 333 SP


Intended for customer racing only, the Ferrari 333 SP was designed specifically for the new IMSA prototype regulations in 1993.

1993 Lotus Esprit Sport 300 wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Lotus Esprit Sport 300


The silver Italdesign concept that eventually became the Esprit was unveiled at the Turin Motor Show in 1972 as a concept car.

1993 Toyota Supra wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Toyota Supra


Incorporating speed, style, quality, dependability and Toyota’s legendary reliability.

1993 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione II wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione II


The second Evolution version of the Delta HF Integrale featured an updated version of the 2-litre 16-valve turbo engine to produce more power.

1993 Bugatti EB110 SuperSport wallpaper thumbnail.

1993 Bugatti EB110 SuperSport


The Bugatti EB110 is a mid-engine sports car from Bugatti Automobili SpA.